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This is Nick. Now don't let him fool you because he is what he looks like he is.... Nick is a Jeanie. AND Nick can grant wishes!
The trick is to catch him and rub his Jeanie Bottle and somehow coax him to come out.
Now he may argue and squirm his way out of anything cause he is very good at it. Watch out for his quick wit and charm.
He can contrive many things and get you to put him down before you even get just one of your three wishes.
Particularly watch out for his whine and contrived temper. He won't harm you... well, not too bad.
Instructions: You can capture the Jeanie and make your wishes one of two ways.
Tactic One: The Virtual Jeanie Bottle: Stare at computer screen very hard.
Move finger towards screen and place it on the Jeanie Bottle or the belly of the
Nick Jeanie and rub three times. Then make your three wishes.
Helpful Hint: They are not likely to come true if the Jeanie is tired or wished to be tickled first.
Tactic Two: Catch the real Jeanie Nick: Subdue bim with a tremendous amount of tickling and then rub bottle three times
and make your three wishes. I can't guarantee his cooperation.
Good luck and click on Jeanie Nick for a suprise!
by: "rhodie"