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Rhodes Reader now features some album pics from 2000-2002!!
The Picks are a couple by Nick from past listings and a few
are of some albums I think he would like. The top ten are:

NICK PICK? David Bowie's "Heathen": Try "Took A Trip On A Gemini Space Ship" and "Slow Burn"!

Simple Minds' "Cry": Try "One Step Closer", "Disconnected", and "Cry"!

NICK PICK! Lady Tron's "Light And Magic": Try "Seventeen" and "Turn It On"!

Tweaker's "The Attraction To all Things Uncertain": Try "Linoleum" and "Take Me Alive"!

David Sylvian's "Dead Bees On A Cake": Try "Wanderlust", "Cafe Europa", and "Darkest Dreaming"!

James Angell's "Private Player": Try "Ooh Love" and "Dear Dying Friend"!

NICK PICK! Gold Frapp's "Felt Mountian": Try "Human", "Pilots", and "Utopia"!

Paul McCartney's Drving Rain (special edition): Try "Freedom" and "Your Loving Flame"!

Arling And Cameron's "We Are A and C": Try "5th Demintion", "Get It Up", and "Born In June"!

Deathray's Self Titled Album: Try "Zero", "Now That I Am Blind", and "Legonairs In Doubt"!